2014 Proceedings from International Conference on Access Management Shanghai China

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Presentations from ICAM 2014 Sept 25-26, 2014

YouTube Video from Opening Ceremony

Younjie Zhang, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Shanghai Highway & Transportation Society

Marc Butorac, Chair TRB Committee on Access Management Opening Remarks

Richard Cunard, TRB Representative

Hangie Lin, Vice Dean, School of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University

Haiping Xia, Senior Engineer and Officer, Shanghai Traffic Police


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Kristine Williams, CUTR:

Roadway Access Management and its Importance to the Transportation System of Developed and Developing Nations

Phil Demosthenes, Transportation Consultant:

Access Management Program Framework


Session 1

Gary Sokolow: The Changing Focus of Access Management

Basil Psarianos: A Compendium Survey of International Access Management Practices and Concepts

M.L. Watters: The Development of Access Management Guidelines for the Western Cape Government, South Africa


Session 2

A.D. Abrahamson: Spacings of Unsignalized Intersections in Urban Areas – an Empirical Approach based on Operational and Safety Requirements


Session 3

Yanguy Liu: A Study of the Opening Size of Auxiliary Lanes on the Driving Behavior-based analysis

Xin Wen: Research on Driving Safety of Urban Interchange Ramp under Crosswind

Jiayan Zhang: Analysis of Moped Rider Violation Behavior Characteristics at Mixed Traffic Intersection


Session 4

J.S. Choi: Estimation of Vehicle Queue Lengths based on Driveway Access Design


Session 6

Hein J. Stander: Perspectives on Urban Form, Road Classification and Access Management

Barbara DeSte. Croix: Access Planning Design and the Public Process

Frank Broen: Corridors to the Future: Access Management and Web Technology


Session 7

Marc Butorac: Interchange Area Master Plans

Zhongren Wang: Freeway Access Management Practices in California


Session 8

Chris Huffman: Comprehensive Access Planning is Key to Economic Sustainability

Richard A. Cunard: Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness of Highway Design Features

Grant Schultz: A Summary of the Economic Impacts of Raised Medians in Utah

Guotian Tan: The Minor Road Access Design in High Density Road Network-Setting using Schezhen as an Example


Session 9

Lingzong Kong: Model of deceleration lane length calculation based on quadratic

Honqi Liu: Classification and Design of Highway At-Grade Intersections


Session 10

Nopadon Dronprasert: Unlock DDI’s Capacity by Re-Routing Left-Turns at Nearby Intersections

Majed Al-Ghandour: Experimental Analysis of a Direct Access Driveway at a Roundabout: Performance with one or more slip lanes

Gary Sokolow: Roundabouts and Access Management


YouTube Video of trip to Zhouzhang

YouTube Video of Shanghai Acrobats


Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Access Management held in Shanghai, China, September 25-27, 2014. Sponsored by the Access Management Committee of the Transportation Research Board; Tongji University; Shanghai Jiaotong University; the Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, PRC; the Research Institute of Highway, PRC; the Ministry of Transportation, PRC; and the Construction Institute of ASCE

This collection contains 30 peer-reviewed papers covering research on roadway and highway access management policy, practices, safety, planning, and design in urban and suburban settings. Experiences from various countries including China, Poland, South Africa, and the United States are presented.



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