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TRB's Access Management Manual provides technical information on access management techniques, together with information on how access management programs can be effectively developed and administered. It presents access management -- the systematic control of the location, spacing, design, and operation of driveways, median openings, interchanges, and street connections to a roadway -- comprehensively, in an effort to integrate planning and engineering practices with the transportation and land use decisions that contribute to access outcomes.

Practical information on a range of issues and applications was incorporated throughout the various chapters, drawing upon the knowledge of the many experienced practitioners that participated in development of the manual. Among the topics addressed by the Manual are:
 Principles and effects of access management;
Steps in developing an access management program;
Access management techniques;
The role of states, metropolitan planning organizations, and local governments;
Location and design procedures for access features;
Case examples of agency policies, plans, practices, and programs;
State statute and regulatory prototypes;
Techniques for working with the public on access management issues; and
Legal considerations. 

Access Management Manual: TRB Publication Documents the State of the Practice, an article in the September/October 2003 issue of the TR News, describes the rationale that led to the development of TRB's Access Management Manual and the potential social, environmental, and economic impacts of not practicing good access management.

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This information will be very helpful to me as I will be teaching an Access Management workshop this Fall for the Ohio LTAP Center.  Thank you for allowing me to be a member of this site!!  

Raymond Brushart