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This site has hundreds of presentations to learn from. and They are delivered as Adobe Flash presentations, recorded with audio/video from past National Access Management conferences.

You can also become a friend by requesting access and logging into the website. As a friend you will be able to participate in the Comments for many of the resources included in this website. It will also allow you to Like specific documents and presentations, which will help others find the gold that is hidden in the hundreds of presentations and documents.

If the future, we hope to provide badges of distinction for friends who help us find those gold nuggets of information, work out the bugs, like items of interest, and provide comments about the content. We will also be posting short YouTube videos from past presentations. 

In the future you will be able to:

  • view the most recent document that recieved a LIKE status
  • View the documents with the most LIKES
  • View the presentations with the most LIKES

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